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When I began my law school experience I did so without really knowing which area of the law I would focus on. I was told by some of my peers and even a mentor that there was money to be made with large corporations or even employment law. As I examined those areas and spoke with attorneys who specialize in those fields, I realized they all lacked something that I felt was important, namely; heart and soul.

Granted, we need lawyers to protect these rights, but the lawyers I met in those fields collectively seemed to have lost their humanity. Everything was about the money. The time they spent in pursuit of money or positions of power came at the expense of family, church and friends. My feelings about these areas of practice were sealed when I came across a lawyer who quit the practice of law all together after only 3 years. He stated the reason as, "I went to law school to help people, to make a difference and it seems that all I do is destroy and tear down. There is no joy in that."

I realized right then that I did not want to be part of that system and just when I started to have doubts about my career choice something fortuitous happened; the U.S. Immigration Service hired me. My work with the Immigration Service changed my whole outlook about the practice of law, as I was actually able to help people and see them benefit from my actions. I knew this is where I belonged.

Not too long after that I began working with my current business partner at a large law firm. It was there that we realized that we had similar values and goals with respect to the type of lawyers we wanted to be and the firm we wanted to form. Wilner & O'Reilly was born at that time with a dedication to helping people, because immigration is about people.

Our practice from inception has been dedicated to helping others and not tearing down or hurting. You really do have the opportunity to fundamentally better lives and lives of families for generations to come. The good that comes from this work impacts every aspect of our client's lives and is an influence for good long after we are around. I love the practice of Immigration Law because there is heart and soul in it and there is heart and soul at Wilner & O'Reilly.

With this perspective in mind it is no wonder that we are so excited about the addition of Robert DuPont to lead our litigation practice group from our Beverly Hills location. We are excited because we worked with Robert at that same law firm and we know Robert shares our vision.

We also know that Robert DuPont has a proven track record of fighting for Pinoys when the government treats them unfairly, whether at the U.S. Consulates abroad, the Immigration Service or any other federal or state agency.

At Robert DuPont's previous firm he led the litigation practice group responsible for making sure the rights afforded everyone were available for Filipinos. Though Robert's tireless efforts in behalf of Pinoys generated income for his firm the true magic of Mr. DuPont is that his efforts generated hope.

Robert DuPont has built a reputation with the Immigration Service, U.S. Attorneys and Consulates abroad for fighting unjust practices that have adversely affected Filipinos. When his name is mentioned or his demand letters received, action on a case is imminent. The Immigration Service has come to realize that Robert DuPont is an aggressive, accomplished and empathetic advocate of immigration rights. They understand that he will not stop until his client receives what he or she justly deserves.

The addition of Robert DuPont to the Wilner & O'Reilly team strengthens our position as THE advocates for Filipinos. It gives our firm increased talent, an increased reputation and an increase of heart and soul.

At Wilner & O'Reilly we know that your hopes and dreams for your family come with you when you enter our door. We know that you trust us with that you hold most precious, a trust we take humbly and very seriously. It is with that trust in mind that we announce the addition of Robert DuPont, a proven immigration advocate and man with heart and soul.

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