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DOL awards H-1B workers back pay from U.S. employer, owner

Two H-1B employees with H-1B visas have been awarded more than $291,000 in back pay, application fees and interest after their employer failed to allow them to work and to pay them. This ruling is a clear reminder to California employers and employees alike that immigrant workers with H-1B visas must be employed and receive payment.

How is overtime pay determined?

Employees in California are entitled to receive special overtime pay for any hours that they work beyond what is considered a normal workday or workweek. In California, a normal workday lasts for eight hours, and a normal workweek includes six working days and no more than 40 hours of work.

Employment immigration represents a vital opportunity

Modern California businesses that want to bolster their work forces have many avenues for doing so. Within the field of employment immigration, for instance, a range of schedule types and classifications makes it possible to expand your talent pool beyond national borders and forge important international connections in the process. Like other forms of employment, however, these immigration-based workforce supplementation methods and allowances are guided by a host of state and federal laws.

Undocumented workers protected under California labor laws

California residents may not be aware that the state's labor laws protect undocumented immigrant workers. While the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that federal law prevents the National Labor Relations Board from reviewing cases involving these workers,employment immigration attorneys in California may pursue claims on their behalf for violations of state laws that regulate matters such as working conditions and pay.

Evolving rights of undocumented workers in California

The California Supreme Court recently handed down an important ruling in favor of undocumented immigrant employees, which states that undocumented immigrants now have the legal right to sue their employers for certain illegal activities. Now under California law, if an employer reports an undocumented employee to immigration authorities as retaliation for a lawsuit or for reporting illegal treatment in the workplace, the business of that employer could lose its license, and the employer could face charges of criminal extortion.

Minimum wage hike could affect farmers, immigrant workers' wages

Orange County residents may be interested in details about the new minimum wage law and how it may affect farmers and immigrant workers. With many farm workers already above the minimum wage, the increase may still spell financial trouble for farmers.

Proposals made for retaining highly-skilled immigrant workers

Rules are being proposed concerning the employment of highly-skilled immigrants in our country. One provision would allow for spouses of such individuals to also be employed as an incentive to keep these talented individuals in the U.S. These spouses would be allowed to work here while the green card for the skilled immigrant is being processed.

California-based contractor said to have exploited Thai workers

A California-based labor contractor called Global Horizons has been found to be liable in federal court for discrimination against hundreds of Thai workers.  Workers were said to be subjected to physical abuse.  Workers were reportedly threatened by the point of a gun.  Global Horizons was ruled to have controlled the working conditions, where these individuals lived, what they could eat and where they could travel.

Supreme Court will not revive anti-immigration laws

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided against hearing cases concerning ordinances that federal courts had annulled.  Two municipalities had previously passed the laws in the apparent attempt to deal with what these localities felt were problems popping up due to immigration issues.

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