It’s critical to get it right. Additionally, the consequences of an order of removal can be severe and can include being forbidden to return to the United States from five years to life. Immigrants convicted of crimes are even more vulnerable. They can risk serious consequences, including revocation of their visa and deportation to their “home country” – a place, in many cases, that may be nearly unknown or perhaps even dangerous to them.

That’s why an aggressive assessment of your individual situation is important. Our team is well equipped to challenge the orders issued by immigration judges, appeal decisions to a higher court, and, if necessary, seek judicial review from the United States Court of Appeals.

Our clients come from all walks of life – entertainers, sports figures, and everyday people who have successfully met the criteria for asylum or avoided deportation with a successful legal outcome.

California And Utah Deportation Defense Attorneys

In deportation proceedings, experienced legal counsel from a Deportation Immigration Lawyer is critical. People facing deportation generally receive only one chance to prove that they should not be removed. Further, the consequences of an order of removal can be severe and can result in the noncitizen being forbidden to return to the United States for anywhere from five years to life.

Removal Defense Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout The U.S.

At Wilner & O’Reilly, we provide experienced legal counsel to individuals facing deportation. In these cases, we often challenge orders of removal issued by immigration judges, appealing the decision to a higher court such as the BIA in Falls Church, Virginia. Even if the BIA upholds the removal order, judicial review may be available from the United States Court of Appeals.

  • Adjustment of status
  • Cancellation of removal for nonpermanent residents
  • Cancellation of removal for permanent residents
  • Asylum, withholding and relief under Convention of Torture
  • Waivers for immigration fraud, including I-601 and INA 237(a)(1)(H)
Immigrants Convicted Of Crimes

When you have been convicted of criminal acts, it is critical that you work with an experienced attorney on your immigration matters. Immigrants to the United States who have been convicted of crimes risk serious consequences, including revocation of their visa and deportation to their home country — a place, in many cases, that is nearly unknown or dangerous to them.

At Wilner & O’Reilly, we offer help to immigrants facing serious consequences after a criminal conviction. These cases can be difficult to win, but we work diligently — providing straightforward, practical and pragmatic legal representation that gets the best possible results. Throughout your case, we are honest with you about what you can expect. We will work closely with you to help you understand your options, to create strategies for success and to manage other aspects of your life that may be affected.

Our law firm was founded upon and is dedicated to upholding Judeo-Christian values. Accordingly, we choose not to represent persons convicted of sex crimes such as rape or crimes against children.

Political Asylum

Whether you are here legally or illegally, you may file for asylum if you are physically in the United States and are not a U.S. citizen. While many people apply for asylum at their port of entry, many more apply for political asylum by filing an Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal. We can assist in filing your application, helping you to remain in the United States.

Cancellation Of Removal

Cancellation of removal protects individuals who have been placed in removal proceedings before the United States Executive Offices for Immigration Review (EOIR). Each case is different. Cancellation of removal can be an option for lawful permanent residents who have been placed in immigration proceedings due to certain criminal convictions that leave them inadmissible or deportable. It can also be an option for nonpermanent residents who meet certain requirements, including a residency requirement and hardship to the person’s family. We will discuss your full range of options with you. You may have many more options than you think.

Inadmissibility Waivers In Immigration Court

Our law firm represents people who are accused of being immigration violators or illegal entrants of the United States. In certain cases, it may be possible for immigrants to apply for a Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility on Form I-601. When immigrants are accused of obtaining their green cards through fraud or misrepresentation, it may also be possible to pursue a fraud waiver under INA Section 237(a)(1)(H).

If you have been deported or removed from the United States, you may need a waiver of the prior deportation, colloquially referred to as an I-212 waiver, in order to return. Depending on how long ago you or a loved one was deported, a waiver may be needed. Waivers are generally needed for both nonimmigrants who seek to enter the United States to visit for temporary employment and immigrants who seek to live and work permanently in the U.S.

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Inadmissibility Waivers in Immigration Court
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